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Our Mississauga clinic offers Registered Massage Therapy,
Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Custom Orthotics.

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Massage Therapy at Work

The Treatments Team will travel to your office and provide wellness onsite.

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About Us

Treatments Wellness has been providing therapeutic care in Mississauga since 1996. Our wellness services are available seven days a week at our clinic. We have a staff of twenty professionals, offering diverse skill sets and experience, that are ready to help you feel better. We have professional physiotherapist and massage therapist for massage therapy at work in Mississauga. Our services include: Massage Therapy, Compression Wear, Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Bracing, Acupuncture and Naturopathic in Mississauga.

Treatments Wellness will travel to your office.

Treatments Wellness delivers on-site Massage Therapy programs that emphasize wellness and pro-active healthcare. These corporate services range from small awareness and demonstration events to full on-site program. Our team also travels to corporate locations, bringing convenient wellness options right to you. We have received the Readers Choice Award for “The Best Massage Therapy Clinic” in Mississauga/Peel Region.

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